Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd (11 plants in India)
Rohit Surfactants Pvt Ltd (8 plants in India)
Hindalco Industries Ltd (3 plants in India)
Flex Industries Ltd (4 plants in India)
Flexituff International Ltd (3 plants in India)
ICM Packaging India Pvt ltd
Amartara India Pvt ltd (2 plants in India)
Pidilite Industries Ltd (11 plants in India)
Ansa Pack Pvt Ltd (3 plants in India)
Castmet Packagings Pvt Ltd
Vista Packaging Pvt. Ltd
Calco Polychem Pvt Ltd
Novex Polyfilms Pvt Ltd
Rainbow Packaging Ltd
Raj Packaging Industries Ltd.
Rajoo Engineering Ltd
Eesha Packaging
Itc Agro Limited
Tristar Industries
Glory Poly Films Limited
U Flex Limited
Ultimate Flexipack Ltd
Uniglobe Packaging
Devaakash India Pvt Ltd
Abhedya Industries Limited
Aditya Laminators Limited
Bilcare India Limited
Candico India Limited
Caprihans India Limited
Clariant Chemicals (I) Ltd
Coastal Plasto Containers
Surya Polypack Industries
Synthetic Packers Pvt Limited
The Supreme Industries Limited
Oswal Extrusion Limited
Plastene India Limited (2 plants in India)


Polyfilm Packaging (Nig)
Polyplex Europa Polyester Film San. Tic.A.
Concept Flexible Packaging FZC
Plastibol de Colombia SAS
Emirates Printing Press
Technovaa Industries L.L.C.
Sunflex Packagers Inc
Millenium Plastic Material Industries
Eurocon Building Industries (F.Z.E)
Al Ahliplastic Industries
Emirates Technopack LLC
ABC International Ltd
Middle East Printing & Packaging Co
Omar Packaging Industries
Hira Industries L.L.C.
Vatan Plastik San Tic A.S
Golden Trade Company
Shakti Industries Ltd
United Flexible Packaging Co. Ltd

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